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Denture Maintenance


Over time, your dentures will require maintenance. This is generally due to your mouth naturally changing over the years, whether because of weight loss/gain, bone loss in your jaw, or one of many other factors. Eventually, your denture will not fit properly, causing sore spots, discomfort, jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and many other problems. It is best to get your denture relined or replaced as quickly as you can. Forest Lawn Denture Clinic offers denture maintenance services such as relines in Calgary.

Forest Lawn Denture Clinic provides denture maintenance services such as:

  • Relines

  • Rebases

  • Soft liners

  • Repairs

We can also advise you about at-home maintenance to help you make your dentures last longer. Ask our denturists about the appropriate education for care of your dentures.

Contact our office today for more information about denture relines and repairs.




Forest Lawn Denture Clinic offers quality denture services in Calgary.

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