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Complete & Partial Dentures

In-House Lab


At Forest Lawn Denture Clinic, we understand that losing your teeth can be a big blow to your self-confidence. There is a solution however and that lies in getting dentures. We provide Calgary with a knowledgeable and experienced denturist, one that knows how to take care of your needs, both in terms of practicality and comfort.

We are able to provide dentures of many types, including:

  • Complete dentures

  • Partial dentures

  • Precision dentures

Complete dentures are what generally comes to mind when people think of “dentures.” They replace all the teeth in your mouth. They do require relines and replacements over time as your jawbone shrinks.

Partial dentures are for people who still have some of their teeth. These usually are meant for only one of the top or the bottom.

Precision dentures are meant to be dentures that provide maximum function and comfort. They incorporate extensive measurements of your jaw and oral cavity.


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Forest Lawn Denture Clinic offers quality denture services in Calgary.

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